Walkthrough Fable 3

Life in the castle.

We determine the sex of our character – it will be a Prince. Watch the introductory video. Waking up, follow Jasper and choose the outfit. Go to Elise on the marked trail. Throughout the game we are constantly making choices, it is noticeable in the dialogue. Kiss Eliza. She says that many are unhappy with our brother. Walking rumors that he ordered the execution of workers at the plant. Holding the button, take Eliza’s hand and together we head for the Palace kitchen. And, of course, we can go several ways — good or not at all. Choose the first option, and communicate with the servants. Walter appears, follow him to training. On the way we meet Laszlo, who wants us to sign a petition. Agree with pleasure. Grab a sword from a rack and start a fight with Walter. Conduct small series of blows, while holding the same button, block his opponent’s punches. Lock + deviation in the direction of the enemy allows you to make the superblow. Breaking the sword Walter, Eliza appears and reports about the demonstrations. Follow it, together with Walter. In the corridor with Eliza overhears the conversation and Walter Logan. Brother Logan is so cruel, that places us before a choice – to kill his girlfriend or innocent demonstrators. Choosing Eliza. A night with Walter and dasperom leave the castle. Before leaving, take a look in the catacombs.

Care of the castle.

Inside the catacombs Walter activates a secret mechanism, and we pick the most valuable thing my father, the Seal of the Guild.

Find yourself in an unknown place. After listening to the teachings of Teresa, opening doors and trunk with the spell “fireball”, using the Seal of the Guild. Enter into the portal and back out to friends. Use magic to open a secret path. Go through the tunnels until you get out of the castle. On the way to destroy the bats with a spell. The longer you hold down the button of the spell, the stronger they get. Moved into the likely refuge of his father. Jasper is reading a book intended for him, which lies on the table. On this table you can see a map. Use it, choose the Camp is Free and teleport there.

New hero.

Follow Walter. Throughout the game you can not go the path of the proposed plot, but to do so is strongly not recommended. After playing a lot of side quests and a huge world open to explore. While Walter talks with the leader of Free, get some gold and go to the dealer to buy new clothes. Go back to the asylum. Here Jasper cleaned up a bit and now we have our own closet. Put on a full set of Free. Teleport again to the Camp of Free and talk to Walter. The chief of the Sabine there are three tasks that we have to perform. Follow Walter to get in chmarsky valley. Clicking the appropriate button you can move faster. The first serious opponents — the wolves. Destroy them with spells. Pressing the spell button + direction. Dog finishes only knocked down opponents. Getting to yasnodoly and then to Yasnodolskoy Academy. Show the librarian the Seal of the Guild. Follow him. Open the Vault door and moving on it. Jasper wants to see us, teleport to the shelter. Go to the room with the weapon. Pick up the sword and returned to the Store. Hitting the sword icon, and there is a bridge. Ahead of the attacks of the hollow. They are quite weak, so deal with them will not be difficult. Seeing the red lightning bolt, it shoots a ball of fire. On emerging platforms, highlighted in blue arrows on them and stand up. Destroy the next batch of hollow. Further pave the way as it is convenient, i.e. you can pass some platforms with hollow or open them to hone their battle skills. Then jump into the water and swim to the round door. Hold the button in front of her spells and twist the stick (mouse), while the door is not lighted. Only then omit key spells. Getting to the next yellow icon. Again we go to the shelter, look in the Armory and take ranged weapons – rifle. Fires on the icon and distance are investigated with a couple of opponents. The rifle is good at long range, but due to the long cooldown, it becomes absolutely useless in melee. After destroying several dozen enemies are in the room where you pick up the music box. After listening to the words of Teresa, go straight at the light.

Here again we can open the chests with the improvement of weapons, the characteristics of a hero, and obtain new spells. All of this is purchased on the Seal of the Guild, which are produced by destroying enemies, performing tasks, etc. After purchase, enter the portal and end up in the Academy. The librarian reports that we have successfully coped with the task, and Walter is waiting for us in the tavern.

In wolf’s clothing.

Go to the pub to meet Walter. One of the mercenaries, drunk, fell asleep. This is our chance to pick up his clothes and sneak into the enemy camp. However, for the special confidence we need a tattoo. They are very expensive, so go for a job to earn money. For example, should offer to start with the manufacture of the test. It’s time to press two buttons in the correct order. With each round the speed increases, as the actual profit for each rolled out dough. One mistake and you have to start over. Having saved up 1000 gold, you can safely go for tattoos and a goatee. Teleport to the shelter and try on the whole outfit.

Leaders and followers.

Go to chmarsky valley in search of captain Seiker. Pass through the main gate of the camp mercenaries, but halfway we crack, and the battle begins. Mercenaries are strong opponents, so it is advisable to shoot them with rifles even at the approach. Scattered throughout the barrel of gunpowder, blowing them to destroy the greatest possible number of opponents. The tactics of the battle against seykera is: hold on to the middle distance so that he couldn’t hit with incendiary grenades and devastating wave of attacks in the ground did not reach us. However, attacking the traditional, sword and rifle. When the scene will appear mercenary, first kill those with guns, and then the rest. Hitting seykera, choose “Spare” and enter the portal. As usual, we use the accumulated points on those boxes, which are best suited for our style of fighting. Pick up the flag and go to Yasnodol to Walter. To quickly teleport using the map. Talk to Walter and Samuel going to the shelter. It turns out that the map on the table has a unique ability – to find people in need of assistance. So, we increase the scale yasnodola and choose the quest “Storm chickens” (marked with an exclamation mark). To accomplish this quest take a cock costume, put on his safe haven and go in search of hens. This will help us to a faithful dog, the main thing to have time to run after him. Usually they go in groups, all you need to do is entice them by clicking the appropriate button and get to the chicken coop. After completing the task, make a choice at discretion. Naturally good or bad.

Take the next quest, such as “long live the dwarves!” from the same Anadola. At the request of Brian go to chmarsky valley in search of the parcel. Deal with the enemies that attacked the carriage, and take away the gargoyle. Go back to Brian and gave him the items found.

Having accumulated enough stamps Guild, back to Samuel. Make a promise that will restore yasnodolskuyu Academy. Get to camp Free and sign another agreement with Sabina.

We pass through the portal to use the print Guild of new improvements, and go to the monorail station, which is located chmarsky valley. During a conversation with Walter watch as the locomotive explodes and breaks into the abyss. We need to go downstairs to check whether there is surviving. It turns out that there was no accident damage, all this was planned a hobby. These small creatures go in flocks, but they are very weak. Burke with them and begin to penetrate deep into the cave. Against small hobby it is best to use magic, but against the bigger fish – the sword. Destroy the hobby on the other side, using aimed fire (it is desirable to aim for the explosive tanks). They can also ambush, hiding in barrels. Big trouble it does not deliver. When one of them blocked the road, go around for an alternative path. Seeing a squabble between a hobby and hollow and, of course, join. Getting to the arena. First, destroy the hollow, when will the barrier is cut with a hobby magicians. Enter the portal and gain improvements.

Legion hollow.

After leaving the cave, be in Gorelese. Straight heading into Gorelessky Fort in search of allies. After a little conversation follow Ben Finn. Will learn to shoot a mortar. Use it and aim for a bogey. The range of the mortar is very large, so hitting the target will have no problems. Suddenly under attack from the hollow. Quickly cut with them, that they were unable to get close to the Fort. Went down to continue the containment hollow. Turn safe mode, allowing you do not accidentally injure teammates, on and on. After a while out of the ground, any local Lieutenant Simmons. He has no supernatural powers, but can summon a new hollow. Also, sometimes he teleports from one place to another. Hit her with a sword, to the bitter end. Sign another pledge from swift. Travel to new Pushwall.

The bowerstone rebels.

Follow Walter. Watch the movie and get to the Resistance headquarters. Meet Paige, she, like other leaders, does not believe in us, so you have to win the hearts of the people. First we need to collect the right amount of stamps Guild, performing additional quests. After this take Paige mens costume and put on it. Get to the Trickster’s mansion, where he meets Paige. Enter it and follow the Hatch. Dodger knew that we were coming, and so prepared for their guests some entertainment show in which we are protagonists.


So, spinning “Wheel of poverty” and the first test will be a hobby. Before entering the arena should look into the trunk. The perfect combination of spells in this battle, “Shock” + “fireball”.

At the turn hollow. Against them it is desirable to use the spell “Whirlwind”.

Mercenaries are quite large, so against them using the spell “Ice storm”.

Followed by sand furies. They are agile and strong. From the disadvantages are the vulnerability to powerful attacks. Use the hammer +spell “Ice storm”.

Finally are the werewolves, who do not like electricity. Use a sword + a “Shock”.

Left to release the rebels and signed a promise to end the exploitation of the people of new Glossily. We pass through the portal for the discovery of new improvements.


Soon we will hear of king Logan. Go to the castle, where they meet Ben Finn, then back to the resistance headquarters. Our task is to penetrate the ship and get it to Aurora. On the way to destroy the soldiers through a variety of spells and swords. Climb aboard and hit the road.

Embodied darkness.

After we woke up on the remains of the ship, together with Walter go to the caves. Get to the ladder and climb down. Scour the human skeletons found and read the note. Walter also discovered something. Read the lines from the diary, the scope is opened. Bottom of the dark, so Walter picks up the torch. Not leaving, follow him. Move to other side and activate the lever. Next, read the lines from the diary, we remove the barrier. Defense against a whole heap of shadows, using the spell “fireball” radius. Continue to move toward the exit. When the flame goes out, reflects yet another wave of shadows. Run as long as Walter does not carry off the Shadow boss. We continue to follow the trail. Finding Walter, begins to destroy the shadows. Then the shadows in the shell and the end boss of the Sentry. It is not blocking the punches, so take a hammer and beat him to the bitter end. Take Walter’s hand and heading for the exit.


Not letting go of Walter, going through the desert. No matter how we tried, but it will have to leave, and continue to move themselves. Under the influence of hallucinations lose consciousness. We were found and taken to Aurora, along with Walter.


Talking with Cailin and Ben Finn. Come explore the city, carefully watching the dog. It will help you find the note you want to read. After talking with celanil, back to kaylin. Sign a pledge to restore the Aurora and the protection of its citizens. Enter the portal and open the last gate in the path to power. Walter enliven, and together we go for a decisive battle.

The battle for Albion.

Get to the castle walls and destroy the mortar and, of course, and all who stand in our way. When the gate break, we can go inside, where we expect even more enemies. Finished with the soldiers, watching the building collapse. Left to find Logan. To do this, go on the trail, destroying the remains of the enemy army. Finally takes pride of the Royal throne. On this ground the passage of the storyline is completed. There is a lot of work in the position of king, but the subsequent choice is up to you.

The end.

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