Peter Molyneux is ready to take on Fable 4

Magazine Official Xbox Magazine took an interview with the game designer and the Creator of the Fable Peter Molyneux, in which the latter spoke about his desire to engage in the development of the fourth part, and also about the difficult relationship with Microsoft.

“It’s a kind of madness that now is not to develop Fable 4. I would love to do it. To do this, I even collected the original team, “said Molyneux.

He also noted that he and his team were sometimes disappointed with Microsoft for its sense of humor, which he described as an integral part of the British Studio. “I think it’s all about sense of humor. You know that the British it is very specific and politically incorrect, especially when it comes to Fable. We had prostitutes and gay marriage. Microsoft was shocked — they diligently tried to wipe all the nipples in women, just so not to offend anyone, “—said Molyneux.

Recall that the game designer left the Studio Lionhead in 2012 and founded 22cans. Their latest project, The Trail, was released earlier this month, while the fate of the continuation of Fable is still unknown.

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