Fable 3 Review

There is a tradition to start every review on the next game Lionhead laudatory ode to Peter Molyneux. An extraordinary person that to say: the son of the toy master, in his childhood he had the opportunity to dream as much as you want. This wonderful habit he kept until bald and gray, becoming a sort of industrial Peter pan, a boy who has not grown, because I didn’t want. In this it differs from, for example, will Wright, who, while doing games spoken on similar topics, but did so with a very serious face and calculating a talented project Manager.

Game Molyneux look like a baby prank, the toy box: it simply swaps the fabulous heroes and baddies in Dungeon Keeper, building roller coasters of your dreams in a Theme Park (and you thought he was all of this for the economic strategy?), plays the scale of the whole island pre-school experiment with a magnifying glass and ants (Black & White). And Peter is able with the most innocent lie (“my new game the trees will be to grow in real time!”), but only does it because he sincerely believes everything they are told.

Now Molyneux is another. Wise educators from Microsoftgently but firmly explained to him that lying is bad, combed, put in a large beautiful table and made the entire creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios. It’s hard to say how it affected the series Fable: there is no mathematical ratio to the to determine how tightly Molyneux participated in the development of the third part. But honestly, when playing Fable 3, it seems he winks at you from behind every second corner.

The appearance of good and evil characters varies considerably, but still not as much as before. Although before the final mission developers still do not stand up and put the hero don’t say that.

Third return to Albion was perhaps the most unusual of all. The first two parts fair held in the fantasy part, carefully frightened of the hero of the evil fairies and werewolves, dragons dragons and trolls trolls. Now this world remained only on the pages of legends. Albion today — a major industrial state, the country conquered couple. Even if you’ve been here before, you are guaranteed to not recognize this region: instead of touching villages there is now a huge brick houses on the site plum groves — plants for the production of brass chamber pots. Dragons here one hundred years in the afternoon as seen, the last Troll seems to be crushed roller also last December, and werewolves are fighting, adding torches to silver nitrate. Men one and all wore the cylinders, women hoods, and instead of to perform feats and defeat monsters, solve a typically Dickensian problem. In modern Albion are actively using child labour (“Employed a child happy child!” — says the poster). Conduct demonstration executions workers. Remake shelters to brothels. Drained sewage on the heads of the poor. Monsters of the new century are impeccably starched shirts and collars Arctic Fox, but look worse than any vampire.

Great expectations

Every tenth murder in Fable 3 is accompanied by a foppish fatalities. The hero can, for example, to jump to the enemy on the neck and rolling his head with his knees.

If someone just join joined and did not appreciate the scale of change, we recall that Fable always one hundred percent consistent with the name — it was very bright, pastel tale, as if copied from the illustrations to the books of the brothers Grimm. Whatever horrors it may happen (if that, even in the best years in this game regularly kidnapped infants massacred entire cities and killed dogs), through presentation and visual style of the tale remains a fairy tale.

Now the world of Fable is very matured, and this could not be reflected in the second key features of the series — having to constantly choose between good and evil. Hero trikvela decides where less definite tasks — first, inciting people to outrage and raises them to the barricades and then, when the evil king (who is also the brother of the main character) will be overthrown, — determines the tax and environmental policy, enters and repeals laws, punishes and pardons. The people who seated you on the throne, instantly remember all the “pre-election” promises, and if you break them in favor of the state budget the Royal family will begin to spit in the face of the streets and put some nails in jelly. But your choice in this case is not a matter of personal greed and bad character (although if you are still greedy and evil — opportunities for embezzlement and corruption in the game too). The king and the courtiers coming secretly preparing for the invasion of a sinister enemy, and the construction of new schools and drain tanks the noble feces is a lot of money that could be spent on defense. And if your subjects worship you today, there is no guarantee that they not gonna hate you in a year, when enemies burned native hut. Moral dilemma in Fable 3 — this is not Dragon Age, but not preschool “help to kill” from the first parts. Perhaps that is why the developers refused to points of morality, and a moral hero over the head no longer glowing halo he’s not a Saint.

Keep in mind that if you mistreat a wife, you not only get a divorce, but the child will pass to the workhouse.

The game became more serious, but at the same time — somehow funnier. Fable was joking before, but the third part is places some interactive “Monty Python” (even though the Butler Jasper, voiced, if you didn’t Jonathan Cleese). “Few know, but in fact chickens — dangerous and the treacherous animals!” — says, half-crazed farmer, the coop which ran a brood of birds. As it turns out later, just like the cheeky birds don’t overfishing: it is necessary to dress up in a chicken suit (so that means to ingratiate himself) and chickens to bathe in a ritual dance. And when they finally will agree to follow you, immediately and in unison secudity drill. You will, and singing chickens we see in a video game for the first time.

Or here’s another example — in some the time between two weighted average pass-fetch-quests, the protagonist meets three nerds in hoodies, who gathered to play a local version of Dungeons & Dragons. Hero I invite you to participate in their leisure time as a… hero. With the help of special artifact it is reduced and placed on a gaming table, and there begins standard quest, but all the characters are drawn on pieces of cardboard (voiced them themselves roleplayers, especially funny grimacing when depict women), leading constantly quarrel with each other, and ends the game session literally: “And they lived happily ever after? — Would live, but the Baron before dying, poisoned the Princess and she died in terrible agony. It the dying screams brought to mind a young blacksmith, and he grew up a serial killer… and also a cannibal.”

A tale of two cities

Hard to believe that once the world of this game consisted of solid emerald green forests and crystal clear lakes.

Fable 3 is stylistically impeccable. Witty quests, design handmade (there are no two the same cities or towns), dozens of clothing options, hairstyles, beards and make — up- adjusted to the trends of the century. Dress up Napoleon or an Admiral there Nelson? Easily! New starched wigs with curls and coats with gold buttons promise to add as DLC. Final argument — list actors in mono, which in addition to the aforementioned Cleese, includes Stephen fry, Simon Pegg and sir Ben Kingsley. The only thing that Fable 3 is not perfect, is the actual game.

On the one hand, positive changes is more than enough. Pumping in the traditional form was abolished, but each weapon now changes its appearance depending on the lifestyle of the character. Use the magic? The sword appears intricate script. Sinned with harlots and syphillis? Around battle hammer glows greenish suspicious aura. In addition, each purchase of weapons there are three improvements which will become available if you complete certain conditions (for example, kill two hundred of the enemies are male, or make friends with thirty villagers). Spells became much less, but during the game you can unlock the ability to weave spells — terribly interesting thing. You can combine any two of mojo and to, for example, a vortex with lightning. Or fire mixed with freezing rain.

Enemies diligently taking threatening poses, but this is just ridiculous, given that they represent no threat whatsoever.

But weapons and spells is mere trifles compared to how the game reacts to your decisions as monarch. All your decrees, requests for the decoration of the Palace before the construction military base in the far borders of the country, immediately implemented. Ordered to dry the lake — an appropriate location will change forever. Cut the budget of the city watch, wait to visit the romantic road. That is all scope: in the first part of our decisions depended on shoulder width and the shape of the skull the main character; second to this was added the responsibility for beloved dog and the fate of individual settlements; now the consequences of your choices are the state value.

The game seems to be obvious way dictates which decision is good and what — not, but all is not so simple. For example, your predecessor limited the sale of alcohol to the proletariat in favor of the interests of the nobility. It would seem that the most the noble solution is nekrasovskoe “barrel working wine exhibition and arrears I give”. But should you want to cancel the prohibition and the country in full force will go on a binge, people will drop everything, will be out on the loose and mischievous puke at his feet.

Where that path led me?

The design of the enemies also changed according to the era: skeletons are conquistadors helmets, and hobby dressed in hussar uniforms.

On the other hand, despite all these exciting possibilities, the game has obvious problems. Course on simplification, which we so admired at the beginning of the article, has a downside. For example, in Fable 3 you can’t die. At all. The penalties for defeat the battle before was inconsequential, but now we just take some a ridiculous amount of experience, and then Wake up with a full supply of health, which moreover so restored automatically, without any potions. Given that the enemies in the game and so not that very serious (attack any spell on the area almost guaranteed to eliminates any the number of opponents), at some point the play becomes simply uninteresting — as if the developers don’t trust us and are afraid to expose any serious testing.

It’s a disappointing feeling is enhanced the traditional series feature — the lack of plot scale. In the first part the ending was rather sluggish, but the developers got out in the Supplement The Lost Chapters that ended the fight with fifty-meter high dragon. The sequel of the same offensive the image was cut off in mid-sentence. Well and the third part, and is shaped sell: developers pump voltage, organize sessions hallucinations scare the final boss (similar to scary to say that), but in the result is limited by the brawl on the arena — exactly the same, some have there were hundreds, only with twice the health of enemy. If you remember that in the game just cannot lose the fun turns questionable.

In General, Fable 3 I miss the epic, some exclamation points. The same Mass Effect 2, being a hundred times more predictable game, pressing down the scale like this superhuman power, that even Infinity Wardsometimes blushed. And in Fable 3 don’t have a decent boss no one remembered the brawl is just not serious.

Finally, the game is corny match, and feel free to spit in the eyes of those who say that consoles are not sometimes software errors. The shining path, which are supposed to lead the hero to the goal of the next job, and then disappears, sends you in the wrong direction and generally behaves like dirt. Quests sometimes disappear. The dog, which seems to be designed to help us look for treasures and fight, and the case is entangled in the traces, and in combat — useless as ever. The only consolation: by the time you read this the number in Russia will have officially launched Live, which certainly can to download the patch, possibly not alone.

* * *

By the end of the first passage (a it’s something about 15 hours) it becomes clear that Fable 3 — this is more adventure than RPG. Peter Molyneux and his forest friends interested in more than battles and exploits and the ability to choose and enjoy the consequences of their choices. This, in principle, there is nothing wrong: in the end, everything in trikvele not concerned with the intricacies of the mechanics, made of pure gold. In one design, the quests and dialogues Fable 3 can be considered one of the best RPG of our time and to celebrate along with Mass Effect 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. Another thing is that in the future I’d love to Mr. Molyneux treated the target audience is not as innocent children but as adults able to fend for themselves at least within video games. If this is not to do this, what happens to us that happens with any child, when he read a story — we just fall asleep in the middle and not hear the rest until the end.

Replay value Yes

Cool story no

Originality no

Easy to learn Yes

Justification expectations: 70%

Gameplay: 8

Graphics: 8

Sound and music: 10

Interface and control: 8

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