Fable 3 Review

For all the gaming world discussion of the individual it is mandatory for reviewing a program of his next brainchild. Supposedly, the developer is he good, and even in places talented, Yes, but not all your vows loyal, likes to embellish a lot and you will find hundreds of reasons for not implementing distributed promises. But the most important this man is not to take away — he’s really talented game designer. No matter how charged his creations in excessive simplicity, and sometimes even pedunculated, we all go through, they shared with each other impressions. This description is just perfect series — the third part recently on the computers arrived. Xbox 360 owners were able to meet her at the end of last year. And we tried to understand whether all such projects on PC, or they should stay console exclusives?

The old tale about the main thing

The question, of course, set a little hard. But the share of rationality in it still present. It’s starting to understand after going a good half of Fable 3 (it’s short). We will now Salem a little balm on the souls of those who used to drop in to any gaming topics of our blogs (or comments to published content) with the words, the gist of which, as a rule, is interpreted as follows: “PC gaming forever! Console — the evil and the stupid casual!” Have to admit, the third part of “the Fable” Molyneux after Dragon Age or The Witcher 2 is perceived as a morning walk with the player compared to the real Olympic race for three kilometers.

The show’s Fable players have initially not been associated with any serious and self-sufficient phenomenon. Rather, it was a mockery, twisted and simplified view of the development of genre and the laws by which he lives. Role-playing component had significant value only in the first part. The third from it, we say right, decided to get rid of completely. Lionhead Studios thought the accumulation of experience and tracking the status of strips of life and mana burdensome task. The Authors Of Fable 3 did the main adventure itself, and the ability to constantly make a choice that in the future, the most direct way will affect the local world. Simply put, this game no longer has the right to be called RPG (at least in the classic sense), but naive and even a little instructive parable to be able.

No, you nothing think, we do this drunk guy in a Thong had to undress. And nothing more!

The Desire Of Molyneux to get rid of the unnecessary, in his opinion, the genre of the husk clear. The team tried to present some of the accepted conventions as before, few people did. Skills are stored in special chests. To open each of them to spend a certain amount of so-called seals of Guilds. Rewards are earned with sweat and blood. Or you need to perform the job (either main or side), long and hard to communicate with ordinary people (again, doesn’t matter — Patty-cake playing or fart in your face, yeah). Regularly go to a prophylactic reduction in the number of wolves, robbers and other rabble that had accumulated in nearby forests, too — for it trophies give.

Gathered the required number of Guild Seals — welcome to a special “waiting room” and put a chests, which is here referred to as unequivocal “Path to power”. Instead of digging in the interface and spreading parameters Molyneux has offered a unique and tangible for our hero act. Purchase content caskets for Printing is not all.

Muti loot!

No money in the world (like any other) is not live. At first it will be pretty tight. To somehow make ends meet and have an ongoing opportunity to relax with friends, drinking a bottle of beer in a bar, have moonlight a mud test, a blacksmith or a bard. In all three cases, the process is to time to press one of two buttons (later one of the three) on the keypad. To increase the level of skill and, accordingly, the amount of earned income can be due to all those chests on the “Road to power”. A laborer for a long time to be not make — in the game are allowed to buy up almost all the available property (shops and houses), and then to lease it, which means automatic earnings every five minutes. Purchased more buildings, more money. Do not forget to repair the house and try to the time of the overthrow of the dictatorship to save more gold. Believe me, it’s very useful.

Fable 3 might be like this.

Here’s how, say, the RPG is the possibility to dress the character in the more advanced from the point of view of protection of the rags? There is a “doll” in the inventory — we nahabetian the most suitable armor and all. In an extreme case, the conditional projection of the hero can be turned in different directions. In Fable 3 instead, offer to visit your own closet without any outputs menu (single press the key “Esc” does not take into account) or calling the box inventory. There are mannequins-hangers for the dresses and wigs. Want to look at trophies or to assess the size of their own coffers — go into another room and enjoy.

The same is true in relation to the weapon. It will vary depending on the nature of deeds of the hero. If he was a good man — the hammer and the rifle will Shine a light blue glow. Killed civilians in their homes, stabbed innocent and took bad decisions — the weapon will appear blood-red halo.

Magic made of genuine cheating. Mana for spells are not consumed. The most preferred of the latter are massively amazing. In addition, it is possible to weave your “Abracadabra” of the proposed and already available — to make a combo from several spells. Yes, about the choice.

As before, in Albion can be a positive hero, who is not averse to translate the grandmother-another across the road, to escort the lost grandchildren and children to their forgetful grandparents and mothers and give out-of-pocket the last gold to the poor. Sometimes, you know, I want to pass as a noble warrior with invisible wings, which all the counter will smile. But nobody forbids to make and the dark side.

To be the bad guy in the world of Fable got a little more fun. It’s all thanks to the ability to become a respected monarch somewhere closer to the end of the main story. We are still about politics say a word, now, for clarity, the picture with the story will understand.

With faithful dog search chest full of useful stuff — things fun.

Black and white

For the third time to listen to the tale about growing up little hero, who is on the road again turned up a hobby, girls of easy virtue (well, when he grows up a little), bars and amazing adventure with fights and killing bad uncle in the end we would have failed. And then there’s inherited from the Fable 2 engine… Really all the changes would be only in the total simplification of gameplay? Lionhead Studios sensibly decided that, this time, to attract the deserved attention of the players need to score on some of the usual canons of the series.

Initially, the hero we have now is not small. And a quite independent boy (or girl). Evil elder brother Logan brought the Kingdom to the decline of whole areas of cities in ruins, mercilessly high taxes, the working day lasts almost a day, a plow for the machine make even the children. Already in the early history of insidious cousin gives us a difficult choice: to kill a loved one or a handful of civilians. Thus, the authors immediately tried to set the tone for the game. Let it all caramel, powdered and about advanced luck Royal offspring, but adult themes for thought properly offers. Though not the most serious methods.

We should enlist the support of all regions of Albion, to make promises of a better life, to help the poor and to organize an uprising against the snickering brother. At some stage, have to refuel and political Affairs. And here is the famous choice between good and bad, which Molyneux shamelessly exploits for a long time, opened for obscenely pleasant angle. It’s one thing to decide the fate of the unfortunate, the Hoosiers-the robber and another of the whole region. Thus, a tyrant and a despot will give to drain the swamp (location forever changing its shape), transform orphanage in public — naturally with blackjack and hookers. And, you can increase the already astronomical taxes, to introduce a “dry law” whatever the promises made, to break out a terrifying laughter and lie down on a state-owned gold in the vault, first carefully ferried most of it in his own pocket.

“Oh, your salad is so-so feeling. And in the eyes of all the floats!”

To follow the main story, despite the wild conventions, interesting. There are some really cool levels with tasks like searching for missing persons in the desert or participating in the carnival-Orgy in local chambers of a psychopath. But secondary quests too, have something to amuse the unsuspecting audience. Don’t forget — we are dealing with

in which the developers are not averse to fool around and dilute even the most severe stage clumsy and exceedingly funny dialogue. We have selected three just a great job, which we need to do. But believe me, the interesting missions in the game a lot more.

1.”Dangerous tour”

The hero takes part in the staging of the play, composed by a crazed author. Mass of living simply and funny dialogue, the ability to rewrite the product in its sole discretion and the dance in the costume of a cock attached.

2.”Speaking of cocks”

In the village Yasnodol absent-minded farmer will offer you to find the missing chickens. But, according to him, the usual “chick-chick!” for podzyvaniya birds is not good. You need to dress in a suit of a huge chicken, to ingratiate himself to the prodigal creatures and lead them to the owner. As a reward, the chicken will sing you their marching songs.

3.”Board game”

Imagine a strange variation of Magic: The Gathering, in which our protagonist, is reduced by three nerds in robes, are directly involved. Includes: characters in the form of cards voiced by the same monks, full of uncertainty and improvisation creators and the final, killing on the spot its unpredictability dialogue.

Dance with me some more, huh?

The stage of government — perhaps the only time in Fable 3, when the path of the renegade is given less blood than adherence to the highest moral ideals and values. Indeed, upon coming to power in the Treasury well, absolutely ridiculous amount of money. To correct even half of all the ills created by mismanagement brother, it is necessary to regularly replenish the gold reserves from the personal store. Well how here not to become a greedy bastard?

The rest of the time our bad intentions tediousness homeroom teacher-virgin blame. And obsessive try to persuade him to Good. “Rude courtiers cooks and dishwashers? Oh, how wrong! It was possible simply in a forehead to kiss each!” — poked in our fingers the writers.

The developers of the game and I want to say: “Give you me, quietly become the ruthless ruler of the world, to come up to the common people an all-new sophisticated tests to delight my black soul!”

Of course, this is not the main problem Fable 3. Lionhead Studios touched too serious topics in his work: betrayal, conspiracy, betrayal, coup, economic problems, exploitation of children, infringement of the rights and freedoms of citizens, genocide, and even the threat of ecological disaster. But trying to tell all this in his favorite silly manner. The main character, which regained from the ruins of a village in the desert and buying half the property of England, wears a costume of a cock. Or, sorry, farts under the nose of an unknown fan, and after driguet vulgar crotch in front of his own child…

Fable 3

In one of the tasks we help ghosts to throw a ghostly party. How cute.


Fable 3 consists of contradictory things, it’s full of weird nonsense, and therefore could not be instructive fable-a fairy tale. Rather, it is just a bit bawdy, but fun bike. In the part quite a good story you do not want to understand, as they don’t believe in him. Well, how can there be drama and the bitterness of temporary defeats, if the hero is a woman running around with sticky goatee, puking in doorways and shoots swearing gnomes? However, the talent and vision of uncle Molyneux we can only envy — all this shaped disgrace again fun to play.

Pros: a lot of interesting side quests; sometimes an intriguing plot; the consequences of decisions made during the reign of the country the most obvious, interesting main characters.


  • primitive economy; graphics
  • not like in Crysis
  • so-so; annoying split on the obviously good and the bad; the final battle is impressive.

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